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8th January. Limon, Costa Rica

When I left you last, I believed I wouldn’t have time to write, well, here I am.  Having docked in the port of Limon, (Puerto Limon) and completed most of my tasks for the morning, some time to relax and write.

5 a.m. in the morning and a call from the Bridge, “1-hour’s notice to Red manning”.  Suitably invigorated with an espresso coffee, I went to the Bridge, in the early morning light, the twinkling lights of Limon were visible ahead, the coastal mountains of Costa Rica behind.  The compulsory pilot boarded when we were almost in the harbour, much to our liking, as you know by now we far prefer to keep the conn if possible.  An approach to the long pier on which we were to dock; a ‘wheelie’ through 180° and astern towards the dock.

Early morning, the port ahead.

Cargo ships also use the port.

The pier on which we will berth.

An overview of where Limon is. Our track from the north-east, the other track being our route east towards the Panama Canal

A closer view of the mainland and the harbour, nestled in a small bay.

The approach to the berth, the dotted line is our track and the 180 swing.

K1 is ashore, kayaking no less (and no doubt, there will be stop in the market, too close for comfort, in the terminal).  A quick jaunt ashore for me though, just to take some photos.

 This afternoon we leave for the Canal transit tomorrow.  Gatun locks are  scheduled for 7 a.m Eastern time; 12 noon UK, there are cameras on all the locks, so maybe you might like to take a look?