13th January

Another day at sea, the Pacific Ocean living up to its name, lovely weather since we departed Fuerta Amador.   My days have been filled with meetings, social events, inspections around the ship and, of course, paperwork.  We have sailed 1,300 miles (2,080 kms) since Panama and have 2,500 miles, (4,000 kms) to Nuku Hiva.  Most of my guests enjoy the sea-days and I am no exception.  I also am in the predicament of not having Navigation information to post, nor photos, (unless you like photos of a vast ocean with nothing in sight).  So today, some photos of the Amsterdam’s Bridge.

Looking towards the centre, the console shows our chart table, (no longer used for charts, they are ‘electronic’ now).

The centre console, our ‘Multipilots’, (radar, with electronic chart overlays and with capability of ‘track’ pilot and ‘speed’ pilot)

The hand-steering wheel

The port Bridge-wing console, with slaved radar and electronic chart, the controls for manoeuvring (right) and the ‘joystick’ (foreground)

The ‘joystick’

Azipod controls, right and left; centre are the rpm manual controls

One of our (2) ‘skewed propellers

Both azipods, they face forward and ‘pull’ the ship through the water. When manoeuvring they can be swung individually through 360 degrees


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