7th January

Rain showers today, periods of sun though and it’s still warm; we are making 15.8 kts, we have encountered the expected adverse current, however hopefully it should change to favourable later this afternoon.  Should it not, I will have to start another DG, (Diesel generator); I’m hoping it won’t be necessary, with fuel at $650 per tonne, our fuel usage takes high priority.

The ship went to dry dock in San Diego, just before Christmas and we had our underwater hull painted, all the weed, flaking paint being blasted off and fresh, new paint applied.  I already notice the difference, she is certainly moving through the water faster than I am used to.

Introductions went well, my memorising the officer’s bio details paid dividends, 11 staff and no memory lapses, thank goodness.

It must be a record, I had my first question about whether we’ll make Easter Island today; the norm is to ask after we have been through the Panama Canal and thus in the Pacific.  There’s something about that pesky island, it’s on the ‘bucket list’ and does not have the ability for us to dock, taking guests ashore in our own tenders is the only means of landing them.  More about that after the 21st, our calling date.  (On the other hand, for once it may be kind to me and all you will see are pretty photos 😎 ).

Crew accommodation inspection and a fire-drill this morning, letters to guests, (yup, they’re beginning to arrive in larger numbers now).  For that, I whip out my fountain pen and stationery, I like to reply personally. One gentleman insisting he goes ashore when we call at Pitcairn island on the 24th, although it is a ‘service’ call and no landing permitted; another asking for our call sign and IMO number, so that his friend in Holland can track us on his computer.

Goodies arrived in the cabin last night, the 2014 World cruise bag and journals; each guest receives them, it’s part of the experience.  (Goodies are regularly gifted during the voyage).

We have a logo, painted by the Bosun and sailors, on the forward accommodation, the logo changes with each World cruise and I post a photo of this year’s.


2014 logo

2014 logo

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