Quote from Olly

From from Olly, my grandson, while reading a bedtime story with his Mum.  Olly is mad-keen on Pirate boats, (the Disney type, not the Somalian).

Olly pointed at a picture of a boat in his book and said, “I wonder who the captain is.”

When I told him Gramps is a captain he was quite impressed. Then he says, “So is Gramps a pirate?”  I said no.

This was followed by, “does Gramps drive a pirate ship? Or is it a canoe?”

I told him it’s neither but it’s a really big blue and white ship. Then he asked “does he have a button on his captain’s hat “and then remarked“he didn’t like the idea of a blue and white ship and that he thinks a pink and purple one covered in chocolate sprinkles would be far better”.

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