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Hong Kong day 2

After the photographs and description of our arrival, this post is more photographs than the written word.  I spent the day on board, having shifted from Kai Tak to the Ocean terminal, a far more central situation as a result.  It is necessary to egress from the gangway into a massive shopping mall, most of the retailers being high-end names that most, if not all, of you would recognise. Come to think of it, I actually did go ashore, shopping for mundane items such as toothpaste; fortunately there’s a chemist/pharmacy a short walk away, so my jaunt was a mere few minutes.  

Karen went across the border to visit Shenzhen, once a small fishing village it now has a population of 1 million +.  Karen’s visit was to buy goods there, most of anything Hong Kong sells comes from across the border and much from Shenzhen, so the prices are cheaper there.  Unfortunately, as she rushed to leave the ship to catch a train, she found her camera battery was flat, so no time to change it and off she went.  

So, today’s post will be some other photos of our trek around Hong Kong and 2 videos, one of our shift of berths and the other of our departure from Hong Kong.  As I write, we are heading south-west towards Vietnam, Nha Trang to be precise.  The weather is warming up nicely and we have even seen some sun; the sea is calm and all on board are enjoying a break, before the next ’round’ of ports.

Our shift of berths.

Larry with his rickshaw

While Laura prefers a bar. (Actually, it’s a painting on a wall)

My motto.

Crowded streets everywhere

One of the Trams

Taking lunch at a street-side shack.

Having lunch while still working


Finally, a video of our departure……