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Angkor Wat

I mentioned to you that K1, (my Karen) and K2, left the “Amsterdam” in Phu My, Vietnam on the 9th of March for a tour to Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  Flying on Angkor Air, she, (they) landed at Siem Reap, Cambodia and took a bus to the Sofitel Hotel in Angkor Phokeethra.  

Day 2 found them up and about early, sunrise over Angkor Wat is a sight one does not want to miss and thence the tour continued.  

(You should be able to open a larger photo by ‘clicking’ on it).

Silhouetted by the rising sun,the 5 towers cast their shadows onto the sacred pond.

Silhouetted by the rising sun,the 5 towers cast their shadows onto the sacred pond.



The main concourse leading to Angkor Wat is paved with thick, square-cut stones. The balustrade on both sides are in the shape of the snake deity, or naga


And the marvel in daylight

And the marvel in daylight


Leaving by AW west gate, one arrives at Angkor Thom’s south gate, statues of giants line the balustrade

A monk’s blessing



Reliefs depict battles between the Kymers and the Chams

Ta Prohm, if you think it looks familiar and you’ve never been there, Sarah Croft, (Angelina Jolie) filmed here in the “Tomb Raider” movie


Roots of Banyan trees spread over the ruin


and then, in the evening, a dinner show at the hotel.  

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Day 3, they left the hotel and were taken to the capital, Phnom Penh, where they toured the Royal palace and Silver Pagoda and having done so, drove to Sihanoukville and the Amsterdam.  Karen (K1) came back with her camera brimming over with photos, 633 to be precise and I’ve had a hard time deciding which ones to download for here and then reducing their size without losing the resolution.  (I have a programme for that, ‘Blogstomp’, which does precisely what I need).  I leave you with a selection of other photos of their travels.

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