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10th January

The San Blas Islands lie on the northern coast of Colombia, 80 miles to the east of the Panama Canal.  On a hot and muggy morning, we weaved our way through the (visible) islands and the (invisible) reefs.  As we made our first turn we were greeted with a sight seldom seen nowadays, a 3-masted schooner, the Tor Heyerdahl.  She is a sail-training ship for teenagers and young adults.



During our transit, we pass an unfortunate yacht, hard aground on a reef.


Eventually, we arrived at our anchorage position, however, because of the seas, first we had to provide a lee to our starboard tenders, so that we could lower them to the water in relative calm and, having done so, we moved to our intended position, letting go the starboard anchor, 540 feet of chain too  🙂 and proceeded to lower our port tenders and open our platform, the means by which guests access and board the tenders.

San Blas Chart0001


The native canoes did not take long to assume their usual position, as close as they could, the occupants begging for any ‘gift’ that might be donated.  We continually move them away, however they always try to return, their favourite spot being near the stern, uncomfortably close to our azipod prop-wash.




A brief trip ashore for the necessary blog photos.

Children, complete with birds.

Children, complete with birds.

Karen shopping :-)

Karen shopping 🙂

Bath time?

Bath time?

Watching the world go by...

Watching the world go by…

Busy weaving the local Mola.

Busy weaving the local Mola.

A colourful Mola

A colourful Mola

IMG_0070 (1)

I caught this lady, sitting in a doorway, blissfully unaware….




Tomorrow, the Panama Canal.  There are live webcams at the locks, do visit them and watch us pass by.  Gatun will be 0630 Eastern, 1130 UK, 1230 Holland; Pedro Miguel 1:30 Eastern, 6:30 pm UK, 7:30 pm Holland.  Miraflores 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm UK, 9pm Holland.  Subject to change of course!