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18th February

I thought I’d write a few lines while I have a minute.  I write from the Indian Ocean and the Arafura Sea.  In geographical terms, crossing the Gulf of Carpenteria.  We passed through the Torres Strait this morning, having rounded the north-east coast of Australia during the night. Since Cairns, with the company of our Great Barrier Reef pilot, we have been weaving our way through reefs and islands.

An overview of where we are as I write

An overview of where we are as I write

And an overview of our route through the GBR

And an overview of our route through the GBR

The GBR covers thousands of square miles/kilometers and we see just a small part of its vastness.  Our route takes us through narrow passes and channels, the reefs, mainly underwater, are mere patches of light-blue water; some  are unmarked, while others have navigation aids.


The mainland in the distance, a navigation marks this reef


We pass occasional ships, this one taking bauxite to the smelting facilities at Geraldton.  Her hull is streaked with the dust from loading, a conveyor belt pours the ore in just a few hours.


Islands of coral and mangroves dot the reef.

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Southern end of the Reef passage

Southern end of the Reef passage

...and the northern section

…and the northern section

We will maintain our westerly course until tomorrow (19th) evening, when we make landfall off the Northern Territories and Arnhem land before turning into the Dundas Strait and more weaving through islands and reefs before Darwin.