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Panama canal schedule

We are docked in Puerto Limon on a bright, sunny day.  No opportunity as yet to post photos, however I have received our Panama Canal schedule and as there are live web cams at the locks, you might want to take a peek; the site is

The schedule is in Panama local time, which is the same as Eastern; for family in U.K. you will add 5 hours, France 6 hours

Gatun Locks (East Lane)

 0630hrs – Arriving  (so this would be 0630 Florida, 1130 UK, 1230 France)

0755hrs – Departing 

Pedro Miguel Locks (East Lane)

1335hrs – Arriving

1415hrs – Departing

 Miraflores Locks (East Lane)

1440hrs – Arriving

1540hrs – Departing

1700hrs – ETD Balboa