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15th January

The Pacific remains peaceful and we crossed into southern latitudes at 10:30 yesterday morning.  We will cross it again 3 more times; on our way north from Bali, when we on our way from Sri Lanka towards Seychelles and finally, on our way from Luanda towards Gambia.  It is the latter crossing which sees us performing the ‘crossing the line’ ceremony. 

We do however have some children on board, some are guest’s children and others are Staff’s children and it was yesterday that these were subject to Neptune’s judgement before being accepted into his realm.  Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas attended, as did I.

Petr, our Executive chef carries the ‘gunge and fish into the ceremony

Family gathers

Davy Jones came from the Deep, to attend

Jeffrey, aka Neptune

Judgement and crimes are read

..and they wait in trepidation, their punishment about to be administered..they look far too happy…

….by, no less, than their parents!

Kiss the fish, kiss the fish!

You asked me for some photos from around our beautiful vessel and I’m only too happy to oblige 🙂

Blue skies, calm sea and turquoise water

Tempting desserts

One of the shops

Antiques everywhere

As are paintings

Our Dining Room

One galley, (kitchen)

The Bakery and O, the aroma!

The Pinnacle Grill restaurant

Smiling Front Office staff

A ‘Guest’ lecturer in the main lounge

Library, with books and computers

…while conveniently, next door is our Explorations Cafe, delicious coffee!

So there you have it, for you Technically minded readers, I will try to take some photos of the Technical spaces at a later date.