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Captain, Master Mariner and presently command cruise ships. At sea for 40+ years. Employers include British & Commonwealth Shipping, Townsend Thoresen Ferries and Holland America Line. I enjoy golf and fly-fishing.

January 6th, At sea

A sunny morning and it’s 82⁰F/ 29⁰C, calm and all is well with the world.  Making 16 knots towards Puerto Limon; the morning has been taken up with paperwork, (the bane of Captains).  Every time I’ve been ‘out on deck’, I have been approached by past guests and engaged in endless conversations, it’s just as well that when I go to the Lido restaurant, my lunch is usually a salad, this has the benefit of not going cold while I talk 😎 .

This evening is our first formal night and for me, Introductions.  This involves standing on stage and introducing my key staff.  I used to dread public speaking when I first started on cruise ships, no amount of training helps, (not that training exists), however now it’s relatively straightforward and an excellent opportunity to set the ‘tone’ of the cruise.  As most, if not all, of the key staff are returning personnel, names present no challenge, remembering their biographical information is quite another matter, so, just like the old school days, writing it several times seems to do the trick; I’ll find out in a few hours.

No ‘table’ tonight, which is gratefully accepted because there will be many hosted tables during the cruise and not having to do one, so soon after rejoining the ship, gives me time to get uniforms down to the laundry for a press.

Had my first letter from a guest this morning, one of countless, no doubt, that I will receive during the next months.  This one however was not a complaint or a suggestion, more of an ‘offer’.  The author suggested that, as depression and stress trauma are common amongst sea-going personnel (!!!??), I should avail myself of her professional help.  Hmnn, maybe in a few weeks time….