August 5th

Considering the fact that our Alaska itinerary is repetitious, all be it a 14-day one, I have decided that these posts should be a compendium of photos, videos and chat from the previous days; that way I should be able to avoid repeating myself (and thus avoiding boring you)  🙂

We have just left Icy Strait Point, (aka the village of Hoonah) and are making our way down the Icy Strait towards the Gulf of Alaska and Anchorage.  We have had, thus far, glorious weather, even as I write, the GoPro is busy recording the magnificent vista of snow-capped mountains, (that one for a later post).

Thank you once again for your comments, they are appreciated, I assure you.  Our first call, after Seattle, was Ketchikan and here is the video.

During the passage from Ketchikan we pass through a narrow passage, ‘Snow Pass’; this occurred in the late evening with a glorious sunset.

Whales were ‘bubble feeding’ in the Pass

Then onwards to Endicott Arm for the next morning and some scenic cruising.

A magnificent ‘hanging glacier and waterfall from the run-off

A close up

…and our ultimate destination in Endicott Arm, the Dawes glacier.

Thence to Juneau:-

2 Bald eagles, atop the ‘Sheep Creek’ beacon

The Volendam departing Juneau on a full moon

The lights of Juneau astern, after our departure


And now, to the present, Icy Strait Point.  In this time-lapse I have experimented, previous ones have no voice-over; well, after some experimentation, I believe I have succeeded 🙂

It started as a foggy day

A promenade along the beach-front

The old Fish-dock

We used to have to use our tenders here; the float on which we berthed

The old Cannery, now a museum

I believe this is the longest zip-line in North America

Everyone goes fishin’ in Alaska

An Indian ‘totem’

Well, out of many, many photos, I hope you enjoy the selection.  Don’t forget one can ‘double-click’ on them to produce a larger, hi-res  🙂


17 thoughts on “August 5th”

  1. Enjoying you pictures and comments. I think that new Go Pro is a nice upgrade; just like they say for diamonds – colour, cut, and clarity. Thanks for your effort in making these posts so enjoyable.

  2. Dear Captain,
    I enjoyed the commentary – I guess it goes with out saying you did not zip on the zip line?
    Many thanks for taking the time to write and take photos.
    Best, Rosie

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