9th August

When I last wrote, we were in Hoonah, (or Icy Strait Point) and since then we have sailed out into the Gulf of Alaska and visited Anchorage, Homer and now, as I write, Kodiak. I have received some nice comments, thank you and 1 or 2 about seeing your Captain on that zip-line; OK, I’ll work on it :-).  

Sailing through the Icy Strait, the Fairweather mountain range in the distance, Glacier Bay entrance foreground

A change in the weather as we crossed the Gulf; the blue skies gradually receded and  it was replaced with cloud, the good news being that the notoriously fickle Gulf remained calm.  Entering the Kennedy Entrance we rounded the Kenai Peninsular and thus entered the Cook inlet, bound for a point off Homer, where we would embark our South-West Alaska pilots before proceeding towards Anchorage itself.

A pod of Orca pass us in the Cook Inlet

Mount Ilaimna in a glorious sunset

Anchorage beckons

The city itself

That muddy water

The other side of our berth, at low water

Anchorage has massive tidal ranges and the subsequent current can run up to 6-8 mph; one one is fortunate, one can have the current pushing us along and this was the case this call.  As one nears Anchorage, the water changes from a dark blue to a muddy grey, glacial silt being the cause.  The rise and fall in tide results in having to change the position (deck) countless times during the day.

Thence on to Homer; lying on a spit that juts out into the bay, its main attraction being fishing and some cultural heritage.

The weather changed as we made for Kodiak, after a rainless few days a weather depression moved in and the night at sea saw us in 45 mph winds and driving rain.  Fortunately by early morning, the wind had eased (and, temporarily as it would transpire) the rain eased to a drizzle.  This call in Kodiak, unlike last time, we had more visibility and having berthed, the rain started again; not a pleasant day unfortunately.

School buses for tour transport 🙂

Looking towards the town

…and ahead of us.

 So, after a 7-hour stay, we leave Kodiak and head across the Gulf again, Yakutat Bay and Hubbard glacier beckon us……

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8 thoughts on “9th August”

  1. Hi Captain,
    We were on the July 17th sailing when you rejoined the ship.
    Had a wonderful time aboard the Amsterdam. She is a wonderful ship with an outstanding crew. Was a pleasure meeting you and really enjoyed the, “Ask the Captain” activity in the Queens Lounge. We were the three ladies in the back of the show lounge who applauded loudly when you mentioned your blog. Hope to sail with you again before you retire. Any chance you’ll be doing another Alaska run before then?
    Look forward to your blog during the World Cruise.

    Allida, Laurie and Natalie

  2. What a great way to enjoy the beauty and adventure of Alaska! I especially enjoy the approach into the ports and now your commentary to go with. Our last Alaskan cruise was on the Zuiderdam and I could do it again in a heartbeat. It’s 110 F degrees where I live, so those wet foggy scenes are truly appreciated. Thank you Captain!

  3. Admiral,
    Love your words, I love your pictures.
    You do such a great job, we might be able to cancel our cruise for the next two weeks.
    —- Maggie says hi.

  4. Great to view Kodiak. When i was on the USO bd of No Calif, i received a small jar from Kodiak of black sand tgat the Ciast Guard Capt. Had gotten for me. I’ve made a collection of island sand to give to my college geology dept
    Over the years it is past 130. Was donated 2019 for my 50 th reunion
    Safe sailing back south Capt!
    Ps…. are there any active volcanos up there on the archipelago?

  5. I love hearing your voice I can pretend that I’m back on the world cruise a year ago listening to you from the pool or ordering the same kind of sandwiches that I did. U were such a people captain

  6. Captain Jonathan,
    I will be sailing with you on August 28th, and can’t wait. Your blogs are wonderful and enjoy them immensely. Have been in Alaska twice before doing the cruise/land tours, but the idea of going to Kodiak, Homer, and Icy Strait is so enticing, I can’t wait to be there. Look forward to being on board and meeting you.
    Cabin 1925

  7. Absolutely love your postings. Can’t wait to be back on the Amsterdam.

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