2nd February

Well, first of all, for your delectation and by request  🙂 , some photos of my abode…..

Bond's the name....James Bond :-)

Bond’s the name….James Bond 🙂

The 'Office', it is at the desk that i write this blog

The ‘Office’, it is at the desk that i write this blog

..and the 'Day Room' or 'lounge' to landlubbers....

..and the ‘Day Room’ or ‘lounge’ to landlubbers....

Auckland lies on a natural harbour, as many of the World’s ports do and it is accessed by a winding, buoyed channel.  Having boarded our pilots, (we had 2 as one was ‘training’ and needed the transit to qualify for his full licence), we headed south-west towards the first set of buoys under leaden skies.

Overview of Auckland

Overview of Auckland

The harbour

The harbour

Early morning and Auckland's skyline beckons

Early morning and Auckland’s skyline beckons

We are fortunate, our berth puts almost in the city centre and the main thoroughfare, George Street.


This one taken by Karen, from her ferry.

This one taken by Karen, from her ferry.  Alongside us is a ‘bunker’ barge.

Tied up and safely ensconced, our guests pour ashore to enjoy this beautiful city.  New Zealand reminds me of my home country, England, 40 years ago.  Everyone is so polite and friendly and the streets are spotless.

For me, it was another day on board, work to do.  We took fuel here, 1,000 tonnes of it, don’t take this ship to the shopping centre!  Karen and Karen, (K1 and K2 as they are now called), went with Hazel to a nearby island, Waiheke, which we went to during our last call.  Not only is it beautiful, it is famous for its vineyards and fine wines; not only that however, for the vineyards boast some fine restaurants too.  As seems the norm nowadays, my camera was ‘borrowed’ and my roving reporter sprang into action.  (Incidentally, having searched the internet, Sydney, Australia, seems to have some reasonable camera prices, Karen (1) may soon be the proud owner of a new one and I will be a happy bunny)  😀 

So, here are her contributions………

Her ferry, turning off her berth before the K's and Hazel join it.

One of the many ferries which ply between the islands

A wonderful sight, the 'Red Duster', albeit with the New Zealand 'stars'.

A wonderful sight, the ‘Red Duster’, albeit with the New Zealand ‘stars’.

Vineyard gardens and restaurant

Vineyard gardens and restaurant

The view, with Auckland in the distance

Karen is becoming artistic :-)

Karen is becoming artistic 🙂  ‘Mudbrick’ is the vineyard.

The vines amidst rolling hills

The vines amidst rolling hills

....and one more

….and one more

Pretty coves all around the island

Pretty coves all around the island

K2 and Hazel pose near the "Christmas Tree'; so called because it turns red.

K2 and Hazel pose near the “Christmas Tree’; so called because it turns red.

the 3 ladies

The 3 ladies

I write while berthed in Picton, no photos, (you know why).  Our day at sea from Auckland to here was a busy one for me, not only playing catch-up with administration, I also had a social event, guests invited to dine in the ship’s kitchen, or ‘galley’.  I’m always careful not to take my camera to such events, however a phone is unobtrusive, so here are some shots of the event.  I will write about Picton, when I get my camera back….only joking!  We sail for Melbourne, Australia in a few hours and we have some ‘weather’ to go through too….welcome to the Southern Oceans!  Well, it’s been a month since we saw a ‘wave’, so it had to happen sometime.

All prepared for our guests

All prepared for our guests


Lunch, in style

Lunch, in style

11 thoughts on “2nd February”

  1. Captain Jonathan – welcome to Australia ?? enjoy your stay in Melbourne- regards Allan Gibson OAM -Cherrybrook, Sydney

  2. We remember a wonderful day spent with you and K1 on Wahaiki and at some vineyards including Mudbrick in 2013. So many great memories including green mussels! Haha. Love to you both.

  3. Captain Jonothan – cool change in Sydney, dull and overcast today, Thursday February 4. Forecast for Melbourne on Monday February 8 partly cloudy – 18 – 25.

    What time do you berth in Sydney on Wednesday next?

      1. Captain Jonothan – thanks – thinking of heading to Bradfield Park (Milsons Point) near northern plyion of the Harbour Bridge to capture some photos as you make your under towards berth at White Bay (is this the correct terminal). About what time do you anticipate being just east of the HB? If I do manage some photos would you be interested in having them (perhaps for the SYD post)? If so, have best to get them to you Ina timely manner?

        Thanks – regards Allan Gibson OAM (guest ex Seattle Sept 6 2015)

  4. Dear Captain:

    Thank you for the view into your abode. I chuckled when I saw the 007. The photos of the galley illustrate an industrial aesthetic. I don’t know if I would buy a ticket to dine in the galley – I prefer the pampering of the Dining rooms.


  5. Hello Captain
    (Jeannie salutes!)
    Thank you for the great pictures. Nice office and the galley lunch was interesting – we haven’t been to one of those.
    When you get your camera back, perhaps you might take some pictures of the floral displays around the ship. Is Eddy still your florist? He is a gem!
    Safe voyage as you approach Australia, we see there was a cyclone on the west coast of Aus……. (Dodge it!)
    Warmest from Jean & George in BC

  6. Thank you, Captain, for the photos of N007. (And no, I won’t make a joke about the 007!).
    Nice, neat and very comfortable looking! Nice to see.

    Great charts, too, which we enjoy!

    Here is another request, from my husband: in walking the deck, we often get a peek into what we call the “ropes room” forward. Would love to see inside both the forward and aft areas where you keep the docking lines. What else is in there?

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