Shanghai (Day 2)

Well, as promised, more photographs of Shanghai. Karen managed to provide some nice ones, having taken the shuttle-bus from the ship into town, she, Hazel and 2 of our President’s week entourage, Gerald Bernhoft (Director Mariners Society) and Pamela Baade, (Manager Corporate Giving), jumped on the hop-on/hop-off bus ($8 for a 2-day pass) and took advantage of the numerous stops.  So, once again, a montage of photos of various places.  First of all, the area around Nanjing Road, one of the main shopping areas.

 Then onto the Yu gardens, originally dating from 1559 AD.


Now some night shots, taken by moi during a jaunt ashore for dinner.

The Bund district

The Bund, from the ship.  We had dinner in there somewhere….

The ‘Amsterdam’ moored in the distance and harbour-cruise tour boats


Gerald, Pamela, myself and Karen before our jaunt ashore. (Hazel is behind the camera)

Finally, a rooftop video, taken from the veranda of the restaurant where we ate.  Cold and windy, I didn’t stay long.

We depart Shanghai at the uncivilised hour of 2:30 a.m. tonight, (tomorrow morning to be precise).  Another 9-hour period on the Bridge.  

Again, tidal conditions dictate when we can move off the berth.  The river is too shallow to turn through 180° off our berth and we have to run ½-a-mile or so astern to a turning area.  Before we can do that, we have to find a space to do it; a large enough gap in the abundance of river traffic to make a run for it.  Our destination is Hong Kong, where we expect to arrive on the 2nd March.