Voyaging towards the Marshall Islands

We have had following seas and swell since leaving Honolulu and are fortunate, were we heading in the opposite direction, matters would be far different.  Our days follow the same routine, rain at night and then sunshine during the day.  Guests have been relaxing and, of course, we have had a number of evening social functions.  Chinese New Year was celebrated with decorations and meals, many of the guests dressed ‘Chinese-style’ for the occasion, ad did our Culinary staff.  

I have also had 2 dinners and a ‘Black & Silver’ ball to attend, it will be nice to have a quiet evening in my cabin, kick off the shoes and watch TV.  

Karen and I dressed for the ball.

Leslie,Karen and Hazel taking a pause from the dancing.


We had our clock change last night.  Although we had yet to reach the Date Line (we do so this evening), it was decided we would do the change 1-day early so as to avoid having an ‘end of month’ at the same time.  This would have untold ramifications for the Purser, he who deals with the finances (amongst others), the computers would have made his task all the more difficult.  So, as I write, it is Tuesday afternoon, having jumped from going to sleep on Sunday night to waking up on Tuesday morning; we missed Monday completely.  Majuro lies some 680 miles ahead of us and we arrive on (our) Thursday morning.  Having ‘shot’ the hole in the reef, which is on the north side, we will then sail another 14 miles or so across the atoll to reach our destination, which is on the southern section.

I’ve been ‘playing’ with my GoPro video camera, determined to get more of them on these pages.  Thus far I have been practicing, not so much with taking the video, but getting the result, it isn’t quite as straightforward as I believed; anyway, I’m persevering and hopefully will have it in action (and something worthy of these pages), for our arrival in Majuro; fingers crossed.  😎