30th January

A day at sea today, we have the “Amadea” accompanying us, we are both making for Pago Pago although we are scheduled to arrive before her and are thus steaming at a slightly higher speed.

My day has been one of meetings and dealing not only with emails but other matters.  I have almost 1,000 guests and over 600 crew on board and every now and then the law of averages dictates that one will have some sort of ‘personnel’ challenge. 

My particular one is not a member of my crew, (I seldom have any challenges with them), mine is a guest.  No names of course, not on this blog at least, although I am sure that guest ‘bloggers’ have already mentioned him.  He is, how shall I put it, eccentric?  Yes, that will do nicely.

He has bothered guests ever since we sailed from Florida and matters have come to a head insomuch that he now refuses to let his stateroom steward clean his room.  That’s not all of it of course, there’s more, but not for these pages; I have a meeting arranged with him tomorrow, one which I am eagerly anticipating I may add.

Onto more pleasant matters.  Below you will see some more photos of Bora Bora. I had my camera with me on the Bridge and as Friso, my Staff Captain was ‘driving’; I had the opportunity to point the camera every now and then.


You can see the reef in this photo, the northern side at least.  Much of it is invisible, it stretches all the way to the beacon and buoy. The 1st beacon to the right is that pesky reef that is just inside the entrance.  Looks can be deceiving, however lurking under that pristine water is coral with just 5 feet of water over it.


Taken from the Bridge-wing, looking back towards the central island and the west part of the lagoon.


A closer view of one, of many, resorts.

Another ‘Captain’s Table’ this evening, so I must get ready; mess jacket and bow tie for me. 

Our clocks go back tonight too, we will be 3 hours behind Pacific; 6 behind Eastern; 11 behind U.K. and 12 behind France and Holland.  If that isn’t complicated enough we pass over the dateline on the night of February 1st, the 2nd doesn’t exist for us, we wake up on the 3rd! Now that’s what I call a good night’s sleep.  (Does this mean the Superbowl doesn’t exist in our time warp)?  Nope, we watch in ‘live’ on the 3rd!  Work that one out 🙄