16th and 17th February; Kangaroo island and Adelaide

The early morning of the 16th found us paralleling the Australian coast, the swell, although still present, had, because of the direction we were sailing, coming from behind us and we made good speed.  Kangaroo Island lies 61 miles (107kms) to the south of Adelaide and we approached from the east, through a channel between the east end of the island and the mainland to the east.  The island is served by a ferry service from the mainland and is known for its wildlife; kangaroos, (of course), koalas and penguins.

Approaching the north side of the island

A view of Penneshaw, the ferry terminal to the right.

We anchored off the town, in 15 metres of water and started our tender service.  I had managed to make up a little time and it was at 10:45 that we arrived.  As seems to be norm for me, I didn’t manage to get ashore and I relied on K1’s photos to provide you with a glimpse of the island.

The tender dock and me in the background, (somewhere)

Laurie with (ugh) a snake, you wouldn’t find me near it.

A small fair, (on what I suspect is the cricket grounds). The ladies managed to find some wineries and sipped some wine.

We departed just after 6 p.m. and made our way north towards the pilot station off Adelaide.  We were scheduled to arrive the following morning, however we were going to dock that night.  There was another cruise ship due in the morning and possibly a container ship, I didn’t want to be delayed.  We embarked our pilot and pleasingly, he advised while the officers took her in; a swing off the berth and all-fast by midnight, a good night’s sleep beckoned, the first in 3 days….

Again, I’m too busy to go ashore, however K1 and Hazel were off, to meet  a couple who sailed with Hazel on a previous cruise and lived in Adelaide.  Some sightseeing and (yes) some wine tasting was the intention.

Sculpture Park

The wine tasting…….

And Karen’s dinner, when I saw this I wished I’d gone with them!

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